Radiator Coolant

Auto coolant is a vital part of your car system. Radiator coolant passes from the radiator and through a radiator coolant hose into the engine of the car, coolant hoses take the coolant from the engine and back through the radiator in order to cool down the system. This is absolutely vital to keep the engine from overheating which can do catastrophic damage to the system.

Coolant Change

Radiator coolant needs changing regularly, as through normal operation the insides of the radiator and automotive coolant hose system can become clogged with oil and other debris.

How does the radiator coolant work?

Essentially, the function of radiator coolant is to capture the heat from the engine through heat transference. The fluid flows into the engine block and absorbs the engine heat into the fluid. Once this heat transfer has occurred, the heated fluid flows from the engine to the radiator where it is cooled down using a fan or the force of the air through the front grill.

Radiator Hose Replacement

Why not use a silicone coolant hose?

A silicone coolant hose is a great idea in theory – they can transport much hotter temperature fluids – maxing out at around 177C, whereas regular rubber hoses can handle max 124C. However, they are porous. This means that the heat cycle of daily drive cars would cause them to lose water very quickly, so unless you are checking your water level every time you drive – use rubber hoses. If you want silicone hoses on your race car on the other hand – that can be a great idea. Have a chat with our specialists to see what type of hoses are actually best for you.

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