Radiator Replacement

A complete radiator replacement is generally the last option, because generally a replacement is more expensive, more work, and can waste a perfectly repairable radiator! However, when the time comes and no repair can be made – radiator replacement is the only way to go.

When do I need a radiator replacement?

A radiator replacement may be necessary when a radiator leak is particularly bad, rust is too advanced, internal mechanisms fail catastrophically, or an irreparable obstruction caused by any of the previously mentioned ailments!

Furthermore, if a radiator has been repaired several times with repeated failures in the same place, attempting further repairs may either be pointless or actually cause more damage!

radiator replacement

What are the general costs for radiator replacement?

There are several aspects of a radiator replacement, each of which costs differently depending on the parts and services required.

What is the water pump and radiator replacement cost?

When the water pump also requires changing the price can jump up depending on the configuration of the engine bay. For example, if timing belts and other components need to be moved in order to access the pump.

What is the cost for radiator hose replacement?

The cost for a radiator hose replacement should be relatively low as it is a fairly easy and quick procedure.

What does a radiator top tank replacement cost?

A radiator top tank may need replacement if the coolant is always low, particularly when the rest of the radiator is in very good shape. The cost is calculated by parts and labour time, get in touch for a quote.

Do you do radiator sensor replacement?

We do! Often any changes made to radiator sensors are done when other maintenance is taking place as the coolant sensor is submerged and replacement requires draining the radiator system.

Do you do radiator fan clutch replacement?

We are able to replace any radiator components, including fan clutches should such a component be required.

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