Cooling Fan Replacement

There are several reasons for a cooling fan replacement, though under normal circumstances a cooling fan can often last the entire life of the vehicle. If a collision occurs the impact could damage the fan, usage can cause wear and tear on other components like belts, assembly house, motor, or relay and this normal usage can mean a cooling fan replacement!

More aspects to consider when assessing your cooling fan is whether it is manual or electric, whether the clutch is functioning, or if it is an electrical matter.

What is the car cooling fan replacement cost?

If you want the cost to replace cooling fan in car, you must first know the make and model required as there are several types and each has their own price!

The engine cooling fan replacement cost is changeable, depending the number of replacements that are required.

If it is a simple cooling fan replacement then one price will apply. However, if other components are required as well such as a cooling fan motor replacement, a cooling fan relay replacement, or a cooling fan assembly replacement the price may change. Each of these components will add a level of complexity and cost should they need replacing.

Cooling fan replacement

How long should a cooling fan replacement take?

It should take a few hours for a technician to replace a cooling fan, including the time it takes to remove and replace potentially damaged belts, and access the fan itself.

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