Every car out there has an exhaust system; it performs the crucial job of turning thousands of fuel ‘explosions’ per minute into a quiet purr and route exhaust fumes to the exit at the back of the car which in turn contributes to the vehicles performance, emissions and fuel economy.

It’s only when you hear or drive a car with a damaged exhaust or a hole in the system that causes the sound waves to be no longer forced through the tubes and escape outside, increasing the noise level and baffling effect.

The way an exhaust works is quite fascinating. It contains a set of tubes that are tuned to reflect the sound waves produced by an engine so that they cancel each other out. The exhaust manifold acts as a funnel. It collects exhaust gases from all cylinders of the engine then releases them through a single opening, often referred to as the front pipe.

The key components of your exhaust including the exhaust pipes and mufflers are designed for each car model. All of the components of an exhaust system are connected with a series of clamps, hangers, flanges and gaskets.

Exhaust Repairs

What your Exhaust system does

A car’s exhaust system consists of several components that work in harmony to funnel gases from the engine’s combustion chamber out the back end of the car.

If one of those parts isn’t working properly, it can cause the whole system to run less efficiently or not work at all.

“The exhaust system serves two main functions: it’s for noise reduction. Without an exhaust, it’s going to be horribly loud. The other purpose is to funnel the exhaust safely away from the vehicle so it doesn’t enter the passenger compartment and fill it with fumes.

Your Exhaust system needs to be in good condition and not leaking to pass a WOF.

Exhaust Pipe

The exhaust pipe runs the length of the vehicle and is connected to all of the exhaust system’s components. Most exhaust pipes found on newer vehicles are made of steel.

Some vehicles have dual exhaust systems, meaning they have two exhaust pipes instead of just one.

Exhaust Manifold

The engine’s cylinders – funnel the remaining fuel-air mixture from the combustion chamber into a device called the exhaust manifold. The basic job of the manifold is to collect the gas from the cylinder heads and distribute it to the exhaust pipe.

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We work to ensure that whatever exhaust requirements you have the Team at Richmond Exhaust and Radiator Specialists will make sure you get exactly what you need.

Types of Exhausts we do:

Standard automotive exhausts such as those you would find on everyday cars, Bikes and vans.

Industrial and commercial exhausts and parts for Forestry, Agriculture,
like the ones in classic cars, hot rods, race cars and other specialty vehicles.

We have a huge range of parts in stock for all your exhaust needs – from Exhaust Manifold Studs to Stainless Exhaust Tips for that finishing touch on your car!

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We have been proudly servicing Richmond, Nelson radiators, and the Top – of –The South for over 27 years. Don’t worry though – we don’t just service Nelson radiators! When it comes to vehicle care such as looking after your radiators NZ has its fair share of workshops, but it is your responsibility to choose the best! We are located in the centre of Richmond and are easily found and well placed to service radiators from far and wide.

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