Can you repair my radiator leaks?

Yes! We are a full service radiator repair shop – we can definitely help you fix radiator leaks. Depending on where the leak is, different methods need to be applied. When you bring your vehicle in to our shop we will assess the leak, and advise you on the best course of action so as to best repair the leaks that exist. Radiator leaks can occur in hoses, tanks, internal mechanisms, or gaskets. Many of these causes need to be treated differently than each other, and so a professional eye is a good choice!

What about off the shelf auto radiator stop leak products?

There are several radiator stop leak products that claim to be permanent solutions to radiator leaks – you may have heard of Alumaseal Radiator Stop Leak or Bar’s Radiator Stop Leak tablets. While many of them do work, even the best plastic radiator stop leak solutions are not really permanent – more of a band-aid which will need to be repaired again eventually.

radiator leaks

Off brand radiator leaks product – not a good idea!

There are good many horror stories told about a radiator stop leak clogged heater core, internal clogging, and other negative eventualities. It is best to leave the fixing of radiator leaks to the professionals!

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