What is a radiator recore?

When the internal tubes and fins have been damaged, corroded or rusted beyond repair, or internally blocked with rust and sludge there may be no other option than to replace the core of your radiator.

Do I need to get my car radiator recore near me?

If the radiator is in particularly bad condition and needs a recore badly, then yes. Unless you want to get a tow truck or trailer to bring your vehicle to our premises.

How do I choose between the radiator recore shops near me?

This should be entirely based on the team at the shop, they are ultimately responsible for the end result! So, you should always make sure that the team you trust with the cooling system of your pride and joy has enough experience.

What does a car radiator recore cost?

Service costs are usually calculated on the labour charge, plus any parts required. As a recore can take several hours and some will need more or less than others this cost can vary. Get in touch for a quote from one of our team members.

radiator recore

Can you do a classic car radiator recore?

Absolutely! We have worked on many classic cars and are well accustomed to working with their particular needs.

Can you do a tractor radiator recore?

Yes, we can! Tractor radiator recore services are available from us, get in contact with our team to get a quote on the work.

Can you do an intercooler recore?

We can indeed! While intercoolers and radiators function differently, we are an experienced team and can help you with all your vehicular cooling needs .

No one can do a radiator recore near me! Can you help?

We are absolutely happy to talk to you about your options. If there is no one in your area that has a radiator recore service we will happily receive a car on a tow truck or trailer.

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