Full Radiator Exchange Or Just a Radiator Coolant exchange?

When it comes to figuring out what exact work needs to be done to your radiator there are a lot of avenues for investigation.

If your engine is overheating and the radiator is to blame, it could need something as simple as a radiator coolant fluid exchange – or as big as full radiator exchange! These are two vastly different types of work. While a radiator exchange is not a complex operation, it is much more common to replace radiator fluids in order to keep them working at the top of their performance. The biggest difference between the two is in the labour time and the cost – it is much more expensive to buy and replace a whole radiator than to exchange the fluid.

Customer beware! You might not need a Radiator Exchange!

It is always prudent to get a second opinion, there are some people who give the industry a bad name. Just because your engine is overheating doesn’t mean you need an instant radiator exchange! When you come to Richmond Radiators and Exhaust Specialists, we will only ever quote you for work that actually needs to be done – call us to see what your radiator fluid exchange cost should be!

radiator exchange

What is a normal engine coolant exchange cost?

These costs can change from place to place, so make sure that you get a quote from your preferred team for a basic coolant fluid exchange cost.

Radiator fluid exchange services should be simple and relatively quick, so drop in and see us about yours!

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